The founder of Owaisia Kamalia chain, Hazrat Faqir Bagh Hussain Kamal (R.A), known as Hazrat Jee (R.A) was born in Pinwal, District Chakwal on March 22, 1937. His real name was Bagh Hussain and he chose ‘Kamal’ as poetic name for his literary journey that becomes more meaningful and melodious when joined with the name of such an accomplished Sufi. He passed his matriculation in 1955 from Government High School Chakwal, intermediate in 1957 from Government College Chakwal, whereas he completed his B.A in 1963, M.A. Urdu in 1966, B.Ed. in 1967 and M.A Punjabi in 1974 from Punjab University as a private candidate. His magnificent qualification record is an evident proof of his interest in education and knowledge. As a writer, he left remarkable effects on the respective civilization, Punjabi literature and culture. His journalism services encircled a decade of 1960 – 1970. In this duration, he represented the civilization, literary and cultural aspects of Chakwal through writings, literary diary and essays. 

Apart from this, in literary and cultural history of Chakwal his memorable role as an intellectual in Majlis-e-Shah Murad (R.A), Bazm-e-Adbiyat Chakwal and district educational consultation council are authentic citations. His leading contributions for the expansion of literature and culture in these conventions developed into guiding light for coming generations. Even today, his astute way of thinking can be seen directly affecting the literary and thinking patterns of Chakwal. He revealed the eloquence of literature at that time when the respective history of this region was not completely exposed to contemporary fellows. With the support of his intellectual acquaintances, he dutifully carried out the recognition of Chakwal’s literary circle at the national level along with the indication of broadening horizons of the respective vicinity.

Every moment from the start of his journey till death, he kept his mouth scented with the recitation of Darood Sharif and always instructed his followers (to whom he called Sathis) to recite the same Darood Paak which is exceptionally favored before Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He has penned his spiritual journey in the book “Haal-e-Safar”. This book is the narration of his auspicious journey that tempts the hearts of Allah’s lovers and Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) servants to focus on the ever-lasting. In this book of guidance, Hazrat Jee (R.A) has gracefully narrated the conducts to illuminate the hearts through easy language while avoiding the customary way of sermon and preaching. The last sun of the previous century brought the news of departure of his soul. It was Sunday, the morning of December 31, 2000; he was sixty-three years old at the time of death. It is hard to find such an example of fulfillment of promise. During the last bath on Monday January 01, 2001, the sacred fresh blood showering from his right arm was the obvious witness of his martyrdom. On the same day (January 1, 2001 i.e., Shawal 05, 1421) at 11:00 AM, he was buried in the providential clay of Pinwal.



Bagh Hussain Kamal

Father Name:

Qazi Hassan Din

Date of Birth:

March 22, 1937

Place of Birth:


Date of Death:

December 31, 2000

Place of Burial:



Kalam-e-Shah Murad (Compilation Partner)


Haal-e-Safar (Mysticism)


Husan-e-Talab (Urdu Poetry)


Sikdian Rooha’n (Punjabi Poetry)


Zar-e-Bagh (Poetic Literature)


Mata-e-Kamal (Prosaic Creations)


Lok Gaa’on